Thursday, 24 November 2016

Let's light it? ;)

Tobacco is the most addictive drug. It's scientifically proven. Alcohol too is highly addictive. The only drug that should not even be categorized as a drug is Marijuana. It is a plant. The reasons why many who smoke marijuana is obsessing over it is because it is being adulterated by other chemicals that influences us psychologically(a trick by peddlers and dealers). It is a plant that is capable of curing various diseases, both physical and psychological. Including curing addiction to alcohol,cigarettes and Various other drug addictions. Therefore, if marijuana is sanctioned to be used as medical marijuana and it's ban is removed, the society could be rescued from so many issues and problems. All drugs including marijuana is classified Schedule 1 drug. There is a story behind it.
 The first drug to be Scheduled is Alcohol and then Tobacco. Tobacco in its pure sense can be used by people in mountain areas as it has the capability to give heat to the body. But the tobacco we get in the market is also adulterated with other chemicals and dried leaves.Marijuana and all drugs, before classifying them, they were tested under the Govt.'s secret cells. Marijuana is a drug that can make a person vulnerable to his thoughts. Whatever that person thinks, he/she says and does. It reveals the true nature of each human being. That is why it is classified Schedule 1 drug. It is not dangerous by any chance. People who are more than 70 years old who smoked for more than 50 years are still healthy. Marijuana is a drug that helps to maintains health and cure illness. The recent studies by different universities gave out these unbelievable results. It's a plant capable of miracles.
 A first time user can find alot of irritations as anything that enters the body is considered foreign and the antibodies react severely, no matter what it is, even food items. Imagine giving a child rice for the first time, over feed it, you'll find out it doesn't like it very much and it might puke.  Rice is good for the body in every way possible and we all know that. Smoking marijuana has it's consequences as it contains various carcinogenic components which can cause cancer. Marijuana can be made into oil or it's essence can be taken and put in food, which is the best way to consume it(No side effects). It even helps the body remove all kinds of toxic substances it ever incurred, in any part or organ of the body.
Now the Psychological part, Marijuana is medically not addictive. The ones who get addicted are the ones who already have a psychological illness like Dormant Schizophrenia. So. There goes. The only drug that demands to be used. Best way to consume is to eat with food. Smoking is an alternate choice. Long term continuous use can cause problems. One amazing thing is that.. it helps to remove the Tar inside the Lungs caused due to Cigarette smoking. Think about Natural Scientific Breakthrough!
. A small research regarding Narcotics. 😄
#ban_tobacco #ban_alcohol #legalize_medical_marijuana.
An awareness to General Public. Please note that this is not supporting Narcotics. It's a movement against it. To conclude, Tobacco smokers are 23% more likely to try Heroin and go hence forth. So, may this awaken everyone who reads it! :)

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