Thursday, 24 November 2016

Let's light it? ;)

Tobacco is the most addictive drug. It's scientifically proven. Alcohol too is highly addictive. The only drug that should not even be categorized as a drug is Marijuana. It is a plant. The reasons why many who smoke marijuana is obsessing over it is because it is being adulterated by other chemicals that influences us psychologically(a trick by peddlers and dealers). It is a plant that is capable of curing various diseases, both physical and psychological. Including curing addiction to alcohol,cigarettes and Various other drug addictions. Therefore, if marijuana is sanctioned to be used as medical marijuana and it's ban is removed, the society could be rescued from so many issues and problems. All drugs including marijuana is classified Schedule 1 drug. There is a story behind it.
 The first drug to be Scheduled is Alcohol and then Tobacco. Tobacco in its pure sense can be used by people in mountain areas as it has the capability to give heat to the body. But the tobacco we get in the market is also adulterated with other chemicals and dried leaves.Marijuana and all drugs, before classifying them, they were tested under the Govt.'s secret cells. Marijuana is a drug that can make a person vulnerable to his thoughts. Whatever that person thinks, he/she says and does. It reveals the true nature of each human being. That is why it is classified Schedule 1 drug. It is not dangerous by any chance. People who are more than 70 years old who smoked for more than 50 years are still healthy. Marijuana is a drug that helps to maintains health and cure illness. The recent studies by different universities gave out these unbelievable results. It's a plant capable of miracles.
 A first time user can find alot of irritations as anything that enters the body is considered foreign and the antibodies react severely, no matter what it is, even food items. Imagine giving a child rice for the first time, over feed it, you'll find out it doesn't like it very much and it might puke.  Rice is good for the body in every way possible and we all know that. Smoking marijuana has it's consequences as it contains various carcinogenic components which can cause cancer. Marijuana can be made into oil or it's essence can be taken and put in food, which is the best way to consume it(No side effects). It even helps the body remove all kinds of toxic substances it ever incurred, in any part or organ of the body.
Now the Psychological part, Marijuana is medically not addictive. The ones who get addicted are the ones who already have a psychological illness like Dormant Schizophrenia. So. There goes. The only drug that demands to be used. Best way to consume is to eat with food. Smoking is an alternate choice. Long term continuous use can cause problems. One amazing thing is that.. it helps to remove the Tar inside the Lungs caused due to Cigarette smoking. Think about Natural Scientific Breakthrough!
. A small research regarding Narcotics. 😄
#ban_tobacco #ban_alcohol #legalize_medical_marijuana.
An awareness to General Public. Please note that this is not supporting Narcotics. It's a movement against it. To conclude, Tobacco smokers are 23% more likely to try Heroin and go hence forth. So, may this awaken everyone who reads it! :)

Saturday, 25 June 2016

"The Life Destroyers?!"... Is it likely?

                 My first post is regarding a very vast and interesting subject, Intoxication. The so called "Life Destroyers" - Alcohol,Tobacco and Drugs. Though many of us gasp or facepalm at even hearing something related to this.. Many of us don't know what it really is, nor how much harmful it is to us and the people around us. In this biased society, most people tend to display a fair image which is worth displaying to other people, but many of them, have a dark side.. which our culture and tradition might curse upon!

                 To start with, ah.. the all time Classic! Alcohol as we all know is injurious to health if taken a tad-too much.. but like they say anything consumed more than what is necessary is injurious to health, but here the case is slightly different. Ranging from the local toddy to the high class Whiskey,Vodka and Champagne, we know a wide variety of alcohol contained drinks and many other things too.. but, the important thing many of us,really know how it affects us in our day to day lifestyle? Well, you might have a guess on it but for each person, his interpretation is solely based on his own perception and perspective. I've consumed alcohol in various amounts from time to time,now wait, don't think I'm an alcoholic(I'm not! :P), and I've pretty much experienced what it could do to our physical and mental state. From my experience, I would say alcohol was not addictive for me and it's the same I suppose for everyone.. well then, why do people do this more often? We'll come to that.

                  Alcohol has pretty bad side effects if taken in huge amounts as it could affect your day to day activities and make you feel drowsy all day and night And not to forget, damn the Hangover! Now, since most of you don't probably know..Alcohol is a people who are depressed can make themselves alot worse if they do that more often(I know that feeling bro! :/).

                   "Smoking leads to cancer, heart attacks, lung disorders and other deadly diseases. The characters shown in this programme do not support the use of any kind of tobacco products such as beedi, cigarettes, khaini, zed bags,etc. Or their promotion in any manner", you've all read this if you've seen movies in India or anywhere in the world. Smoking is injurious to health, truest to the core. But smoking once in a while like one a month or on alternate months won't matter, but remember, each cigarette reduces your life span by 11 minutes! :o now multiply that by the no. of cigarettes you've smoked, damn! Don't worry,anyhow we'll die ;). 

          Okay people, listen here, I recommend only if you have the self control,you people can try it out once, but I tell you, consequences may or may not be depressing, depending totally on the person itself. Laid back people ain't got pretty much to lose but if you're an active person, smoking can REALLY cost you. Smoking can cause short term problems like suffocation, inability to run or workout normally, and overall physical activity decreases.. and then.. I'm telling you this, it is not addictive. Don't worry, I know what's in your mind and you've come a long way to find out! 

        Marijuana, Heroine, LSD, 'shrooms... you name it! A wide range of drugs which could make you literally go "HIGH". But then again..most people are really even scared to try out any kind of drugs as most people who have done that have ruined their lives most drastically. Okay, so let's get things straight first here too. Clinically speaking, most of these drugs are not addictive. Now for those who haven't tried out any kind of drug, I'll share my experience to those people who are curious to know how it really feels.. 

               *skipping the process*. My friend refers this to as "Clairevoyant attires".. Enhanced feeling of self..everything seems so interesting,way MORE interesting! Senses are enhanced too,literally! Took a bath and felt like the water running inside me! Music seems so bewildering and enthusiastic. Everything we visualize seems vivid and  more colourful than before. Had some chocolate and it felt like nectar from the heavens!( Oh Lord!). Okay.. sounds like a wonderland I suppose.. but the thing has got side effects too :p.. Lowered body coordination, slow reflex and gets tired eventually as alot of energy is being used for all the enhancement. Now, for the peeps who need to know why these happen, well the THC enters the blood and reaches the brain and enters the causes the brain to let out a neurotransmitter 'anandamide' which is a cannabonoid which merges with the neurotransmitter 'dopamine' which gives us the "feel good" feeling. And as it enhances the whole system, huge amounts of energy is used by the body to work things out properly.. the feeling wears out eventually after 3 hours and its half-life lasts between 20 hours to 10 days depending upon the person. Then again, I'm telling you, this too is not addictive... and the answer why it isn't lies below.

        Now, like you've all been waiting for..  Alcohol, Tobacco and Drugs are not addictive, and why I say that is because I've experienced all of this more than once. Then why do people use them again eh? Well because they simply want to! Okay, I'll break it down to you, you see, once we studied an experiment called Pavlov's experiment using a dog to study conditional reflex during School days. The bell would be rung first and the dog will be given food.. after 3 to 5 instances.. the bell was only rung, but the dog started salivating with the expectation of food. Likewise, Alcohol, Tobacco and Drugs are all used again and again by people because of the feeling that they get by using them, "an escape from reality" feeling. Most of them change it into habits and therefore it changes into addiction. As for another example. A child is being given rice for like 5 years,and rice only.. one day, he doesn't find rice in his plate,instead wheat, which is not what he is used to! Now he would even lie hungry for 2 or 3 days as he wants to have rice but he is offered wheat only. As simple as that. And for those who think drugs will surely impair you, you're wrong.. the so called "drug addicts"  who end up in minimum security rehabs already have some kind of psychological disorder that is way beyond drugs and drug abuse has a small or not so significant influence on them. Well, that settles it then. You're not addicted to anything. You just make things your habits and then you try to change them which is not easy. But remember, Humans resist change..but once it seeps in,we'll embrace it and also remember, Change is the rule of Nature.
P.S: For alcohol, there are two theories regarding its addictiveness: (1) The disease theory, alcoholism is considered as a disease, which in turn provides alcoholics an excuse on using it; (2) the state of mind theory, alcoholism is considered as a phase in which the body passes through, due to biochemical variants. While consuming ethanol based products, a biochemical compound called THIQ is produced inside the brain, this compound retains in the brain long after the effects of alcohol subsides. This compound, to sustain itself in an approximately constant ratio makes the said person feel a tendency to consume more ethanol as for the sustainability of THIQ. So in a way, alcoholism is a disease catalysed by THIQ and a state of mind as well. Using alcohol to a limited extent does not have the potential to sustain THIQ and hence it is a state of mind.  Constant usage of alcohol creates and sustains THIQ and is then considered as a disease.(suggested views by a friend :) )
And thanks to alot of people who have given me these information from time to time.. it really made a difference in my perspective and I hope it will too for those who are seeking it.
"What you're seeking, is seeking you" :)